🗓️Day 18

Thursday, 25 August 2022 - Day 18 of Exhort August 2022 - Exercism (My Elixir Journey)


Captain's Log

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defmodule CaptainsLog do
  @planetary_classes ["D", "H", "J", "K", "L", "M", "N", "R", "T", "Y"]

  @spec random_planet_class() :: String.t()
  def random_planet_class(), do: Enum.random(@planetary_classes)

  @spec random_ship_registry_number() :: String.t()
  def random_ship_registry_number(), do: "NCC-#{Enum.random(1000..9999)}"

  @spec random_stardate() :: float
  def random_stardate(), do: 41000.0 + (42000.0 - 41000.0) * :rand.uniform()

  @spec format_stardate(Float.t()) :: String.t()
  def format_stardate(stardate), do: :io_lib.format("~.1f", [stardate]) |> List.to_string()

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Part of this exercise is showing you how to use Erlang libraries and functions for functionality that doesn't exist in Elixir. However, the Erlang documentation for those functions is not as digestible as Elixir's documentation.

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